BBQ will be a dinner winner


My Facebook survey has now closed and I am delighted to announce Wendy & Mick Fry as the winners of the Weber BabyQ Premium barbecue.

The massive numbers of responses returned for this survey have highlighted the priorities for our electorate of Toowoomba North.

Creating local jobs topped the list of priorities with a 46.6% response rate.   The greatest risk Queenslanders face today is job insecurity. In the last year (2016 calendar year) alone 30,000 Queenslanders lost their jobs and thousands more stopped looking for work.

Mr Watts said infrastructure and jobs would be front-and-centre of an LNP majority government’s “New Deal” for Regional Queensland.

“We will ensure regional Queensland gets their fair share,” Mr Watts said.

Easing the cost of living pressures received a response rate of 41.7%. We currently have families and businesses paying more through higher taxes and increased living costs, along with hospital budgets blowing out.  Part of the LNP’s plan is to build a better Queensland by growing the economy, better managing our finances and looking after families.

Tackling crime in our community is also an important issue with 35.3% of respondents highlighting this issue.  I am serious about fighting crime and ensuring our communities are safe.

Coming in at fourth place on the survey response list receiving 35.1% of the votes was the issue of new infrastructure to meet our population growth.  The construction of a new Toowoomba Hospital at the Baillie Henderson site received a YES vote of 54.3% with the NO vote receiving just 15.5% of responses. The construction of Inland Rail from Melbourne to Brisbane via Toowoomba also received a response rate of 33.6%.

Survey responses are vitally important as they help me to understand what the priorities of the Toowoomba North electorate are.

Your feedback allows me to fight for the things that matter the most to you and your family making our community a better place to live, work and play.  This is part of the LNP’s plan to build a better Queensland by growing the economy, better managing our finances and looking after families.

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