Better Sporting Grounds for Toowoomba with Trevor Watts and the LNP



I am pleased to announce that an LNP Government would make improvements at three Toowoomba North community and sporting facilities if elected to Government.

Local sports teams which are set to benefit from today’s announcement include:

  • Building a new storage shed at Kratzke Road Sports Oval
  • Supplying sporting equipment at Highfields Sport and Recreation Park
  • Replacing the synthetic turf at Newtown Park Cricket Fields

These three local projects have strong community support and benefits, and at $44,000, they are great value for money.  Best of all, they support an active and healthy Toowoomba community.

Regional Queensland is a place of untold opportunity, which needs to be re-invigorated, and under the LNP, Toowoomba will get its fair share.

These investments in our local communities ensure our regional community once again share the benefits of the wealth they create.

A vote for anyone other than the LNP will see the return of a do-nothing Labor Government, and that is bad news for families and small businesses in Toowoomba.

These investments in our community are all part of our plan to Build a Better Queensland by building a better Toowoomba.

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