Cheaper Transport for Queensland

Fight for fairer fuel prices

We understand that motorists have been doing it tough and getting ripped off at the petrol bowser every time they fill up. Even with the price of oil falling during coronavirus, the price of fuel varies between stations and suburbs.

An LNP Government will make it compulsory for every retailer to provide information on fuel prices in real time. Under our Fight for Fairer Fuel Plan, retailers will be required to publish their prices, as well as the date and time from which the prices will be applied.

Ensuring greater fuel price transparency for consumers will help them find the stations offering the cheapest fuel. This will promote more competition and help drive down the high cost of fuel.

Free off-peak public transport for seniors

The LNP will introduce free off-peak travel for all seniors across the Citytrain network, which stretches from Gympie to the Gold Coast and inland to Ipswich. 

Brisbane City Council already offers free off-peak travel for seniors on council-run services. It makes sense to extend this across the Citytrain network as well so seniors can be mobile across our entire public transport network. It also means less cars on the road.

Queensland needs big ideas to bust its congestion crisis. An LNP Government will take swift action to get our cities moving again. Our plan will get more Queenslanders off the roads and create more capacity on peak-hour trains by encouraging travel at less crowded times.

Public transport vouchers for students

We know that students face significant cost of living pressures in their first year of university or TAFE, especially as they’re balancing the demands of study, work and living away from home.

That’s why the LNP has committed to public transport vouchers for first-year students. Students starting full-time university and TAFE courses across Queensland will be given $500 vouchers to pay for bus or train fares – or fuel if they live in areas lacking public transport. Helping first-year students travel between home, study and work will help take the pressure off and open up more opportunities.

Encouraging students to use public transport will also take pressure off our roads, especially around university precincts where roads are already congested and parking is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.