Deliver cheaper electricity and support green energy

Support Green Energy

As renewable technology becomes more affordable, it is important that our electricity generation mix is flexible and dispatchable.

An LNP Government would mandate investment by our government-owned energy companies in renewable energy generation where it makes economic sense to do so.
Our approach is responsible and supports national targets. We will support additional jobs and investment in Queensland’s renewable energy industry while maintaining a reliable and secure energy supply.

Deliver competition in the retail energy market

The LNP will end Labor’s electricity divide between the southeast and the rest of Queensland. We don’t think it’s good enough that Queenslanders north of Gympie and from Toowoomba west are treated like second-class citizens.

If elected, the LNP will implement the findings of Labor’s own productivity commission report into electricity pricing to introduce retail competition into the regional electricity market. Competition will drive down prices and the LNP believes people in regional Queensland deserve the same deal as those in SEQ.

Providing retail competition to the regions would ensure that all Queenslanders are given an opportunity to reduce their skyrocketing electricity bills, not just those living in the southeast. Giving households the opportunity to shop around should save regional Queenslanders around $300 a year.

End the electricity monopoly

To promote more competition and put downward pressure on wholesale prices, the LNP committed to a restructure of our government-owned power generators from two to three entities.

The Government’s own modelling showed that creating three state-owned generation companies will reduce wholesale prices by more than 8 per cent. Unlike the short-term sugar hits we see with Labor’s electricity policies, this is a long-term structural reform backed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Labor has recently responded to the need for a third power generator by establishing CleanCo which is a government-owned generator using only renewable forms of energy. An LNP Government would keep the third generator but also ensure that the other two have the ability to invest in renewable energy when it makes economic sense to do so.