Get back to basics in schools

Declutter the curriculum and focus on literacy and numeracy

The LNP will get our education system back to basics and let teachers get on with their job – to teach our kids the foundation skills they need to get a job and succeed in life.

Under our plan to declutter the curriculum, we would ensure a greater focus on teaching the foundation subjects of English, maths and science. To do this, we will conduct a full-scale curriculum review and work with education experts, teachers and parents to get back to basics. This will be the first proper look at our curriculum since 1994 and will be modelled on recent reforms in New South Wales.

Our plan to declutter the curriculum will give our kids a stronger focus on the skills they need to get ahead in life while taking the pressure off teachers and principals. The back-to-basics approach will particularly benefit students in the early years of education when where foundation skills are so important.

Make English mandatory again

Our writing results for Year 7 and 9 are some of the lowest in the nation. It’s letting down an entire generation. We need our kids to be the smartest in the nation.
The LNP would immediately overturn Labor’s decision to exclude English in the results of the new senior assessment and tertiary entrance system..

Boosting literacy and numeracy standards will deliver better education outcomes for our kids and help them secure a job.

Reinstate Independent Public Schools (IPS)

The LNP will support our school communities and continue the roll-out of Independent Public Schools across Queensland., as we believe that local principals and school communities are best placed to make decisions about schools.

The LNP believe that local school communities, parents, teachers and principals know what is best for their children and we want to give them the ability to make those decisions without interference.

More Independent Public Schools will empower more local principals and parents to be the masters of their own destiny and have greater freedom to shape their own strategic direction and make decisions, which will directly benefit their students and the needs of their local school community.

Air-condition every classroom for a better learning environment

The LNP want every public school classroom air-conditioned in Queensland..

We want to end the divide between kids in Southeast Queensland and the regions, which is why we have a plan to make it cooler for teachers and kids in every public school classroom in the state.

This will not only improve learning outcomes for our kids but also provide a more comfortable environment for our teachers and principals as well.

Our plan to air-condition every public school classroom will lead to better student results and a more comfortable working environment for all.