Get Hospitals Working Again

Clear surgery waiting times

The LNP will refocus our public health system on patient outcomes and ensure better health services are provided to Queenslanders. We will partner with the private sector to slash waiting lists and ensure elective surgery is completed in medically recommended timeframes.

While Labor wastes money on failed IT systems and changing the names of hospitals, the LNP will focus on better patient care.

This is part of our plan to improve frontline health services and ensure our public health system is improving patient care by helping Queenslanders when they need it most.

Tackle the ICE epidemic

An LNP Government would build four new rehabilitation and detox facilities to help families struggling with addiction with more treatment services.

Our focus is on more treatment, more prevention and more rehabilitation.

Our comprehensive plan to tackle the ICE epidemic includes more education and awareness and targeted law enforcement to shut down the big crime gangs that peddle drugs to our kids.

Fix Labor’s endless health IT failures

Labor’s health IT failures are putting patients’ lives at risk. Both the current Palaszczuk Government and the former Bligh Government have made a mess of Queensland’s health system through the botched rollout of health IT systems.

The LNP will end Labor’s health IT failures and restore accountability in our health system.

It’s not good enough that Labor’s Deputy Premier Steven Miles delayed health IT upgrades to avoid scrutiny – and was caught lying about it to the media.