Labor gives $35,000 grant to animal extremists

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has been caught red handed giving money to its anti-farming animal extremist mates in the form of a $35,000 Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant*.

Liberal National Party Shadow Minister for Agriculture Tony Perrett said it was disgraceful that Annastacia Palaszczuk would help fund groups like ‘Farm Animal Rescue’ that directly invaded and terrorised farming families.

“The manager of Farm Animal Rescue Group Brad King was one of the organisers of the Carney Bros invasion in Yangan in April, where he took 3 sheep from the abattoir to his property**,” Mr Perrett said.

“For hard-earned tax payers’ money to be finding its way into this extremist groups pocket is disgraceful and must be immediately overturned.

“It’s time for Labor to fess up on why it is happy to fund extremist groups while it cuts drought freight and fodder subsidy funding. 

“The LNP is seeking urgent assurances from the Attorney General that this grant money will be cancelled, given the revelations about Farm Animal Rescue and its manager Brad King.

“Not only does the Palaszczuk Labor Government let extremists get away with terrorising our farmers scot-free, it is now directly funding them to do so.

“Only a Deb Frecklington LNP Government will stand with farmers against animal extremists and protect our hard working rural and regional communities. 

* 2018-19 consolidated QGIP expenditure – download, open the Excel Spreadsheet and search for farm animal rescue:
** ‘Farm rescue’ group connected to abattoir invasion granted $35,000

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