Premier must act now

This week is the most critical Parliamentary sitting since the election of the Palaszczuk Government over seven years ago.

This is the week the Premier and her Ministers can prove they still value accountability and transparency.

So far, all the Premier has proven is she doesn’t listen to Queenslanders.

This is the week the government can show promises they put at the forefront of their election in 2015 still matter today.

Over the past month, the Premier has announced or pointed to five different reviews.

None of these reviews will fully investigate the damning claims by whistleblowers or provide the protection they need.

Only a Royal Commission has the power to compel witnesses, protect whistleblowers and give Queenslanders the answers they need.

If the government spends the week dodging calls for a Royal Commission, you know that accountability in this state is dead.

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State News

Where is the critical Youth Justice legislation?

In a call for transparency and public involvement, the opposition has demanded that the Palaszczuk Government reveal its plans for the Youth Justice legislation in Queensland. The government has been talking about its proposals since December, but the specifics have remained under wraps, causing concerns among the public.

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Queensland’s stolen cars shame

Queensland’s crime crisis is breaking unwanted records, as pressure grows on the Palaszczuk Government to recall Parliament early to address the unfolding stolen car epidemic.

The latest police statistics have revealed December 2022 was the worst December on record for stolen cars, across Queensland.

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Queensland’s social housing shame unveiled

The Opposition is demanding the Queensland Government explain why it has spent less on social housing than any other State or Territory, for the second year in a row, this is truly Queensland’s social housing shame.

The damning findings were revealed in a Productivity Commission report this week.

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