Rebuild Queensland's Ecommerce & Create Jobs

Support investment in renewable energy

As renewable technology becomes more affordable, it is important that our electricity generation mix is flexible and dispatchable.

An LNP Government would mandate investment by our government-owned energy companies in renewable energy generation where it makes economic sense to do so.

Our approach is responsible and supports national targets. We will support additional jobs and investment in Queensland’s renewable energy industry while maintaining a reliable and secure energy supply.

Build the New Bradfield Scheme

Water is the lifeblood of regional Queensland. To drought-proof Queensland and plan for the future, an LNP Government will partner with CSIRO to deliver a $20 million plan to make the New Bradfield Scheme a reality.

The New Bradfield Scheme is a visionary project that will deliver water security, transform our regional economies, boost renewable hydroelectric power, reduce carbon emissions from new vegetation growth and limit nutrient runoff into the Great Barrier Reef.

The 2000 Megawatt hydroelectricity project will be the biggest renewable energy project in the state that will be built by Queenslanders and owned by Queenslanders.

Voluntary fishing licence buyback and implement a ReefSafe labelling policy

An LNP Government will introduce a voluntary fishing license buyback scheme, implement a ReefSafe labelling policy for seafood sustainably sourced from the Great Barrier Reef and deliver three new artificial reefs to support recreational fishers.

Our voluntary buy-back program will prioritise gill net licences. Less nets in the water means less pressure on fish stocks, but it also means more long-term jobs for fishing businesses.

The ReefSafe labelling initiative will mean Queenslanders can support businesses that sustainably source produce from the Great Barrier Reef. The new artificial reefs will create more tourism opportunities for coastal towns and boost local economies through an increased spend from visiting anglers.