Rebuild Queensland's Ecommerce & Create Jobs

Back Queensland businesses and buy local.

Queensland taxpayers’ money should be kept in Queensland. If elected, the LNP will ensure government assistance and government contracts are provided to Queensland-based businesses. Taxpayers’ money should not be used to prop up interstate or international businesses that compete with existing local businesses. Labor’s approach takes jobs away from Queenslanders.

The LNP will open up the government’s books and reveal as much detail as legally possible about the millions of dollars being spent under government contracts and grant programs. Commercial-in-confidence shouldn’t be about government secrecy and hiding the details of how taxpayers’ money is spent.

Government departments, including the Treasury, will be asked to report on the details of existing contracts and grant programs and whether those deals are in the best interest of Queensland taxpayers. Taxpayers’ money should be used to help Queensland businesses and support Queensland jobs.

Speed up government payments to small business.

Businesses that provide goods and services to the government deserve to be paid in full and on time. It’s simply unacceptable that family-owned businesses are short-changed by the government. Small and medium businesses rely on their cashflow to stay afloat.

The LNP will support Queensland businesses by speeding up government payments. By speeding up payments, we will ensure their cashflow is secure and their workers, suppliers and subcontractors are paid on time.

Small and medium businesses who contract to government should be supported by the government. That’s what they will get from an LNP Government.

Fast track approvals to create jobs.

The Palaszczuk Government’s do-nothing approach is costing jobs. Whether its dams or mines, the Palaszczuk Government will find any excuse to delay job-creating infrastructure and projects to appease Greens voters in Jackie Trad’s seat of South Brisbane.

We will end Labor’s go-slow on mining projects and mining jobs. We will fast-track approvals for projects that meet environmental conditions and obligations. Unlike Labor, we won’t kick businesses – big and small – that want to set up in Queensland and employ Queenslanders.

The LNP will rebuild Queensland’s economy. Under Labor, Queensland had the worst unemployment rate going into coronavirus. It’s left our state weaker and more exposed. It’s made the task of economic recovery longer and harder. We need an ambitious approach to job-creation and it starts with backing projects that create good-paying jobs for Queenslanders.