Statement from LNP Leader Tim Nicholls – Developing our resource industry


“While Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor do nothing but scaremonger, the LNP has been working constructively with the Federal Government to ensure Queensland is rewarded for developing our resources industry.

“In May this year, I wrote to the Prime Minister with suggestions on how the Commonwealth could recognise Queensland’s leading role in developing an onshore gas industry and apply pressure to other states to provide more gas for the domestic market.

“We proposed there should be a penalty in the GST distribution process for States that refuse to develop their gas reserves because they lack the political courage to do so.

“So while the LNP acts to provide solutions, Annastacia Palaszczuk does nothing.

“While approval processes for resources projects grind to a halt under Labor, the LNP has a policy to streamline approvals and make projects happen.

“Queenslanders deserve better than a Premier who’s more interested in political point-scoring than she is in ensuring Queensland jobs are protected.”

State News

Ambulances delayed due to mass communications outage

Paramedic whistleblowers have confirmed the State’s ambulance dispatch system suffered a mass outage on Friday afternoon that remained down until the early hours of this morning causing a number of ambulances delayed.

Shockingly, the Palaszczuk Labor Government chose not to inform Queenslanders about this outage.

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