Statement from LNP Shadow Employment Minister Brent Mickelberg

“While employment across the rest of Australia improved, Queensland continues to stagnate with the state’s 7.7% unemployment rate remaining the second worst in the nation.

“More than 210,000 Queenslanders want a job and can’t find one. In the last month alone 20,300 Queenslanders lost their job.

“More concerning is the fact that many Queenslanders have given up even looking for a job. Queenslanders are losing hope because Labor is not doing enough to support them and Labor have shown they have no ambition to fix Queensland’s unemployment crisis.

“Before the election Labor told Queenslanders they were borrowing to protect jobs and yet, despite racking up the biggest debt in our state’s history, unemployment is forecast to still be the worst in the nation in four years time. (at 6.5% – Victoria 5.75%, NSW 5.25%)

“Queenslanders deserve a government that will face up to issues like chronic unemployment and take real action to make their lives better.

“We need to see real action to create jobs and get Queensland businesses hiring more staff.”

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