Jackie Trad hands out more jobs for Labor mates

In the aftermath of a Crime and Corruption Commission probe and amid allegations of interfering in the appointment of a local principal, Jackie Trad has dished out a number of key government positions to Labor mates.

LNP Deputy Leader and Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government for stacking Queensland Government boards with Labor cronies.

“Jackie Trad has proved once again she doesn’t know right from wrong,” Mr Mander said.

“Appointing Labor mates to taxpayer-funded gigs doesn’t pass the pub test.

“This is brazen political cronyism.

“Queenslanders can’t have confidence in the government when Labor Ministers are more interested in taxpayer-funded jobs for their mates.

“Labor is not working for Queensland.”

Mr Mander said the LNP had announced a policy to make board appointments to government-owned energy companies solely on merit.

Among the new appointments Jackie Trad and Mark Bailey announced today were:

  • Wayne Swan. He has been appointed to a $44,000 position with Stanwell.
  • Laurene Hull. Former Labor Candidate for Solomon (NT). Since been appointed by the ALP to NT Worksafe exec
  • Paul Venus. Managing Partner of Labor’s Holding Redlich (Justice Services Pty Ltd) – Labor aligned firm (also employs CRRDA Chair Paul Lucas) and major Labor donor
  • Beth Mohle. Long-time Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union General Secretary

Reappointments include:

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