LNP to impose jail time for assaults on police, ambos and firies

  • An LNP Government would send a clear message to society that violence against Toowoomba police, firies and ambos will not be tolerated
  • Under the LNP those convicted of serious assault of police and emergency service workers will serve a mandatory minimum sentence of seven days behind bars
  • Only the LNP will stand up for victims of crime and ensure strong penalties act as a deterrent to protect Queenslanders from violence

The LNP will stand up for hard working Toowoomba emergency services workers by imposing a minimum seven day jail sentence for anyone convicted of serious assault of police, paramedics and firefighters.

Member for Toowoomba North, Trevor Watts said frontline emergency services workers had a tough enough job protecting the community and don’t need the added worry of being physically attacked on the job.

“The LNP believes it’s fundamentally important to do more to protect those who protect us,”  Mr Watts said.

“Under a Nicholls-LNP Government, those convicted of serious assault of police or emergency service workers will serve a mandatory minimum sentence of seven days behind bars.

“No ifs, no buts and no more excuses – the LNP will put people who are convicted of assaulting frontline emergency service workers behind bars.

“This is about sending a strong message to the community – if you assault our frontline emergency services workers, you will go to jail.”

Mr Watts said despite repeated calls to strengthen penalties and deter acts of violence against frontline emergency workers, this do-nothing Labor government had refused to listen.

“Labor’s softly, softly approach is failing frontline emergency workers,” Mr Watts said.

“Statistics released by Paramedics Australia show physical attacks across Queensland have increased by almost 20 per cent compared with five years ago. In the first four months of this year, 176 ambulance officers have been assaulted across Queensland alone.

“These figures are a real concern and it’s clear strong action is needed to protect those who protect us.

“Stronger penalties may actively deter people from committing the offence in the first place.

“The LNP is committed to building safe and liveable communities – and our frontline emergency services workers play a vital role in that.”

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